Marc has spent several years working within the Fitness industry, with the latest of those spent building MR Fitness out of Frontier’s gym.

His passion lies in results and the highest quality of service, with my priority being to create a unique training product that inspires and educates everyone who starts their journey with him to achieve their goals.

He is committed to helping every single one of his clients achieve their lifelong dream, of being in the best shape and condition of their lives or doing something they never dreamed they could, and he does whatever it takes to help them achieve it.

The system he has developed is what separates him from the rest and is one of the reasons why we are proud to have him working at Frontier. Collected from years of talks, educational seminars and courses, his training principles include education on how to fuel your body properly, no more fad diets, and concentrate on correct nutrient timing to ensure your body burns fat, increases energy and transforms you into the shape and condition of your life.

There are very few trainers practicing what they preach. Walking the walk is an essential part of becoming a good coach and you have to take it seriously yourself to be the proof of the benefits of hard work. The results he has and continues to achieve are testimony to that.

The one thing that he asks from everyone he works with, is that they commit themselves 100% to the programme and nutrition. If you do, you will achieve results that you never knew were possible.