Becky Mayo

Becky completed an 8-week transformation with Frontier owner, Paul Cook – and followed precisely the nutritional and exercise protocols that he set her. The photos of her transition show clearly what can be achieved when you fully commit to a transformation programme.

What may surprise you is that Becky only actually lost 4lbs in weight – her fantastic transformation is the result of a staggering 13.5% drop in her percentage body fat! All that fat loss whilst simultaneously holding on to that well-defined muscle mass – not an easy feat I can assure you!

Becky will happily tell you that she had tried unsuccessfully to reduce her body fat previously; but having not followed the correct nutritional programme, she didn’t achieved the expected results for all her effort in the gym. After meticulously following a nutritional protocol for 8-weeks she now knows the true power of nutrition, and this has set her up greatly for the future.

Great work Becky.

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