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Nutritional Strategy Seminar

We are delighted to be working with FDN Practitioner Craig Barton PT in launching our first Nutritional Strategy seminar in 2018. This seminar will be open to anyone serious about achieving and sustaining fat loss goals. Keep following us or Craig (link to his fb profile pls https://www.facebook.com/CraigBartonPT/ ) and be one of the first to find out […]

Becky Mayo

Becky completed an 8-week transformation with Frontier owner, Paul Cook – and followed precisely the nutritional and exercise protocols that he set her. The photos of her transition show clearly what can be achieved when you fully commit to a transformation programme. What may surprise you is that Becky only actually lost 4lbs in weight […]

Iain Maynard

Iain completed a 9-week transformation programme to get ready for a photo-shoot with Chris Bailey at Frontier’s gym. With Frontier coach Craig Barton over-seeing his nutrition he was able to get primed for the shoot by dropping his body fat percentage to around 3%. His training consisted of 6-7 weight training sessions per week with […]

Understanding your Hormones

Hormones are often the key to unlocking a better body, or better performance. However, if one area slips up; the rest fall like a Domino effect. Understanding and optimising our Hormones is key. Your body releases several types of hormones, at several key times throughout your day and night. You’d never stop to think about […]