Use Creatine to get stronger whilst losing fat!

Use Creatine to get stronger whilst losing fat!

Hundreds of studies have been done on Creatine showing its effectiveness for increasing muscle strength, power, overall athletic performance and health enhancing properties; including losing fat.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid produced in the liver; it helps supply energy to cells throughout the body – particularly muscle cells. The compound is formed of three amino acids: L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine and makes up about 1 percent of the total volume of human blood

Use Creatine to get stronger whilst losing fat!

It helps to regenerate a molecule called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), your body’s main source of energy. It’s used as the primary fuel source during muscle contractions and supplementing it can increase the available fuel to power muscle contractions. It does this by donating its high-energy phosphate to create ATP  which is used by the muscle for the rapid energy it needs for muscle contraction, such as during weight-lifting or HIIT Sprints.

Creatine does occur in small amounts in food and can be ingested naturally as a protein-like compound found in high abundance in meat and fish.

Whats the best kind of Creatine to use?

The majority of research on creatine has been done with Creatine Monohydrate. For most people, creatine monohydrate provides an extremely cheap but effective creatine supplement.

Micronised creatine tends to the best of the bunch within Monohydrate, as it’s ground down to a smalller size than other creatine monohydrates; allowing it to dissolve better in fluid, cause less stomach upset and have higher levels of absorption.

How much do I need?

The dose does depend on the formulation, but for Creatine Monohydrate, research shows that using a loading phase of 5 grams taken 4-6 times per day for 5-7 days can boost muscle creatine levels by as much as 40% in under a week.

Use Creatine to get stronger whilst losing fat!

However, research has also shown that taking just 5 grams per day can also lead to similar increases in muscle creatine levels in approximately 30 days.

This is the main reason why a loading phase is recommended for those starting to supplement with most forms of creatine. The loading phase allows you to start experiencing the benefits of creatine in the shortest amount of time. After you complete the loading phase you can opt to stick with a 5 gram dose of creatine.

I personally prefer to make it an ingredient of my Intra-Workout Shake; alongside Pepto-Pro (an instantized form of Protein) and Vitargo, a very soluble form of Carbohydrate. 

Research shows that when creatine is taken around workouts, the accumulation of muscle creatine is maximised in comparison to taking creatine at other times of day and that the best way to maximise creatine uptake by muscle cells is to take creatine with high-glycemic (fast-digesting) carbohydrates and fast-digesting protein, such as whey protein.

These major nutrients boost blood insulin levels, which is critical for stimulating the transport of creatine into muscle cells.

If you don’t consume carbs during your workout, then 30 minutes prior to or after your workout is a perfect time to get it in!

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Is Peer Pressure Ruining Your Diet?!

Is Peer Pressure Ruining Your Diet?!

Humans are pride animals. Most of our social anxieties, fears and worries evolve from the Primeval part of our brain and are caused by a fear of standing out from the pack, being different and as a result; not being accepted or being mocked.

This makes people extremely susceptibly to “fitting in” when it comes to the social faux pas of eating out – often at the expense of their diet.

When you’re attempting to watch what you eat, or follow a nutritional protocol to allow you to look your best; it can be difficult enough to say ‘No’ to sweets, treats, cakes or foods that are tempting; but did you know that women specifically have a harder time saying ‘No’ when dining out with other female companions due to the social cues expected of them in the interest of “fitting in”.

Did you also know that Women are predisposed to prefer sweeter, more nutritionally devoid foods like cakes, sweets and chocolate that are easy to over eat?

Is Peer Pressure Ruining Your Diet?!

Of course, if it was a planned meal and you intended to enjoy a little something extra; thats great! But what if you’re on the run up to your Holiday, or have been trying quite hard to slim down recently just want to look good?

It’s something I see in the females close to me and my clients time and time again. 

Be aware of how easily you may be swayed by other people’s food choices. Take a conscious decision about what it is you want to eat, and how much you want to east when out with your friends in what can sometimes be an extremely stressful and anxiety provoking situation.

One of the best solutions, like with all areas of your health, fitness and diet; is to have a plan.

A simple “No thank you, I’m trying to avoid gluten/sugar/dairy (insert food here)” or a joking “I’m trying to be good” is all that’s necessary, and once people become aware that you consistently pass on food; they’ll simply stop pestering you!

Just by becoming conscious of this little social phenomena, you can be become so much more successful with your nutrition.

Don’t let the beliefs and expectations of others dictate what you eat!!

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How can we lose weight; and why are one-size-fits all diets a bad idea?

How can we lose weight; and why are one-size-fits all diets a bad idea?

With all things considered; if our bodies are happy and healthy – weight loss can be as simple as a Calorie equation.

Are we in a Calorie surplus; i.e. eating more calories than we’re expending? Or are we in a Calorie deficit; burning off and using more calories than we’re eating?

There’s two ways to swing a calorie equation. For now, we’re going to look exclusively at weight loss.

  1. Take on fewer calories (eat less)
  2. Burn off more calories (move more)

The common mistake made by a LOT of coaches or individuals here is to take too much from BOTH sides of the equation; i.e. eat 800kcals per day and train 2 hours per day with additional cardio. This leads to indiscriminate weight loss from muscle mass which is catastrophic from a health, physique and future dieting perspective and will also cause problematic and harmful disruption of the hormones and chemical messengers controlling weight loss, appetite and satiety as your body desperately tries to protect itself.

The second mistake made by a LOT of people, is to find a diet and training plan online and simply follow it; or spend money on a mass produced and generic diet plan from Instagram ‘fat loss coaches’, only to be disappointed in the lack of results.

By eating less and/or moving more, all we hope to do in simplicity is create a calorie deficit by Energy IN becoming less than Energy OUT (Energy In > Energy out). The result, is a loss in body weight

But how do we KNOW how much exercise to do? How can we figure out your Total Energy Expenditure? Why might the diet that works for me cause you to get fatter?

This comes down to 3 main factors.

  1. Basal Metabolic Rate – How much energy does your body use to function whilst at rest? Bluntly – this is your ‘metabolism’. The more lean muscle you have, the higher this number tends to be. Muscle requires 13 calories per Kg per day of your energy from food! This is why really low calorie diets can be so damaging to our bodies!
  2. Physical Activity Energy Expenditure – How much energy do you burn off during exercise AND during non-exercise activity? Do you have a physical job, play squash three times a week AND workout? Or are you a sedentary office worker, or someone who spends all day driving and conduct little to no exercise?The difference here can be huge!! It can be as little as a few hundred calories a day for sedentary people, up to a few thousand for highly active people!! THIS is why there is NO “one size fits all” approach to dieting!
  3. Diet Induced Thermogenesis – The amount of energy you use in actually ‘using’ food!

When deciding on a ‘set point’ for your diet, its incredibly important to consider all of these factors. If you are quite sedentary and don’t train frequently; you just don’t need that much food!!

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Common Gym Mistakes #3. Rest More, Look Better.

Common Gym Mistakes #3. Rest More, Look Better.

Have you been consistently making an effort to eat correctly and train hard but just aren’t losing fat or gaining muscle at the rate you’d expect?

It’s a really common scenario, and sometimes its really hard to “troubleshoot” your own personal approach to training. It’s why even coaches have coaches. Sometimes you need an external perspective to clarify things so that you do what you NEED to do; not what you WANT to do.

Mistake #3 – Not taking days off!

Many people think rest is for the week. Days off means taking time away from training.

Common Gym Mistakes #3. Rest More, Look Better.


Well; yes.

The body changes when it’s at REST. Not during exercise. 

If you’ve just completed a horrendous training session that’s left you unable to walk/sit/lower yourself on to the toilet, then you NEED more time off from heavy lifting. That doesn’t mean we need to do absolutely nothing however. Cardio or metabolic training favouring concentric contractions will actually improve your recovery speed.

But the point is not to train as much as possible. Training and exercise is a celebration of what your body is capable of, NOT a thrashing for food you’ve eaten or for it not looking how you want. Learn to love and take care of your body but push it to its limits when you DO train. You can only do this if you’re recovering properly in-between sessions. There’s a whole host of factors influencing recovery, including: sleep, reducing stress, nutrition, supplementation to name just a few.

Start by just increasing your sleep duration or even trying to improve your sleep quality by tidying up your sleep hygiene. Remove electronic devices from the bedroom and avoid phones, tablets etc 30-60 minutes before bed. Don’t focus excessively on the amount of hours you get, as this can be

This way you’re guaranteed to recover properly, avoid injuries and burning out and will ensure your body has time to adapt!

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Common Gym Mistakes That Have You Staying Weak

Common Gym Mistakes That Have You Staying Weak

Have you been consistently making an effort to eat correctly and train hard but just aren’t losing fat or gaining muscle at the rate you’d expect?

It’s a really common scenario, and sometimes its really hard to “troubleshoot” your own personal approach to training. It’s why even coaches have coaches. Sometimes you need an external perspective to clarify things so that you do what you NEED to do; not what you WANT to do.

Mistake #2 – Not improving Strength.

Common Gym Mistakes That Have You Staying Weak

With the rise in popularity of high-intensity training (HIIT) and “Fat loss workouts”, an alarming number of people are moving more toward using lighter loads for considerably higher reps.

Training in this rep range does have a time and a place, but consistently training in the 65-80% zone of your max with above 8 reps or so means that you’re leaving a whole host of muscle to literally not be trained. The higher threshold motor units in your muscle tissues are going unused.

There’s a direct correlation between the amount of weight used and the amount of motor units used; so the heavier the weight – the more of the muscle that gets trained. This is quite obviously beneficial for us when session intensity for fat burning or muscle building is our main objective!!

What’s the solution?

Get strong!!

Regardless of whether you’re male or female; if growing OR fat loss is your goal – to sky rocket your results you need to GET STRONGER!
Include phases in your training where you aim to lift heavy!! This method of training is known as progressive overload; with the objective being to increase the load lifted without any change in form to force adaptations in the muscle.

Sets falling within the 6-8 rep range are perfect for this, with accessory work also needing to become slightly heavier but with less reps performed and less sets too!!

Top Tip: Keep a track of what you’ve done!! Use a log book!

The log book is perhaps the single most powerful training tool in existence!! Track every rep of every set of every session so that you can look back at lifts from weeks previously with the intention of increasing the weight used or number of repetitions performed every single week!!

It then becomes a competition of you Vs. you which is a fantastic motivator and ensures you’re getting stronger and working harder!!

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Common Gym-Goer mistakes #1 – Random Workouts.

Common Gym-Goer mistakes #1 – Random Workouts.

A lot of people are passionate about training, burning fat and building muscle; as well as a whole host of other reasons.  As a result, are incredibly enthusiastic to try as many different training methodologies, fundamentals and programmes as possible.

Enthusiasm and passion for training is fantastic and I will never discourage that. A love of training has been my underpinning motivation in this industry for years and helped me teach and work through thousands of hours with clients, conducting countless fat loss AND muscle building transformations.

However, mixing up super heavy lifting, with a 5-3-1 protocol, with GVT and then adding in some olympic lifting is not the way to make progress.

Whichever approach you use, you need to be CONSISTENT.

Common Gym-Goer mistakes #1 – Random Workouts.

No single programme is going to yield results over night, but that doesn’t mean you should scrap it and trying something new.

When it comes down to “which approach”, there are more than one ways to skin a cat, meaning that there are a lot of wrong ways; but theres also more than one “right” way to burn fat or build muscle. Coaches debate and deliberate over the “best” approach for any given individual, but consistent action in any direction will always give some reasons!
My personal opinion through experience is weight lifting, heavy lifting at that, is your best weapon.

Regardless of your goal; whether it be fat loss or muscle gain – the Calories you consume will dictate the outcome, but the basics and fundamentals underpinning this approach allows us to get the biggest “bang for buck”, with big compound exercises that train the body effective across a whole host of outcomes, including aesthetics AND strength. There are no substitutes for the results you can gain from a CONSISTENT and well thought out strength training programme.

Common Gym-Goer mistakes #1 – Random Workouts.

Once you have picked a programme and decided to go with it – make sure you go in to the gym with INTENT! Don’t walk in there to dilly dally and not really know what you want to train or achieve. Have a specific goal in mind for that session and go get it! Your results will absolutely explode.

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Life Begins at 40 – with a Holiday Transformation.

Life Begins at 40 – with a Holiday Transformation.

Joe Wilkinson, a 39 year old Mental Health Nurse and Mother of 2, came to me determined to transform her body and look incredible on the Girls’ weekend away.

Ready to celebrate her 40th Birthday she transformed her health, mindset and definitely body in just short of 12 weeks.

Joe’s Story 
“Mid life crisis/personal challenge; call it what you will, but I can absolutely say that this past 11 weeks has been something I wish I’d done much sooner and it’s certainly something I’ll revisit again!

Marc made this journey achievable and enjoyable.

He is someone who has the ability to instil motivation in to you with his knowledge and expertise. Not only does he take the time to listen to what you want, he actually hears what you say. What this guy doesn’t know about health, fitness & nutrition simply isn’t worth knowing if you ask me!!

Week after week he reviewed my progress & tailored my training and nutrition to exactly what my body needed to progress to get me what I wanted to achieve.

The fact that I felt he had faith in my ability to train harder & lift heavier gave me the confidence to actually do this. I feel so much healthier, fitter & stronger than ever before – even as I approach 40!”

As always, the proof is in the pudding! So here’s the evidence of Joe’s fantastic journey and results of her hard work!

Start YOUR journey today.

Life Begins at 40 – with a Holiday Transformation.Life Begins at 40 – with a Holiday Transformation.Life Begins at 40 – with a Holiday Transformation.

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Candida – What it is, what are the symptoms and how do we tackle it

Candida – What it is, what are the symptoms and how do we tackle it
What is it? Candida is the most common yeast infection found in the mouth, intestinal tract and vagina It is a fungus that aids in nutrient absorption and digestion when it is found in proper levels in the body. When candida overproduces and is left unchecked it can break down the walls of the intestinal […]

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Cheat Meals. 5 Top Hints and Tips for Success

Cheat Meals are probably one of the least understood, over hyped and abused phenomena of the modern dieting era. 

Ive heard all sorts of myths, rumours, “rules” and speculations around the premises of this hot topic!

First up – what IS a cheat meal?! (Or what should it be?)

It is NOT an opportunity to stuff your face with as much food as your possibly can all day long. More is NOT better. It is also not designed to replenish depleted glycogen (that’s a re-feed, something entirely different). If you’re comfortably dieting at 80% compliance and having a cheat meal once per week; I’m afraid you’re no where near to depleting glycogen.

Its as simple as this. Nobody is a robot. Granted, during periods of hard dieting for transformations or on competition prep; you can expect to be required to be 100% compliant. That’s the nature of the beast. But cheat meals are designed to be that little bit of sanity. That little reward for a solid weeks progress. That mental unwind. Its common sense, when you’re dieting hard – you’re going to have less of them and they’re going to be smaller. But if you’re relaxing a bit, then you can allow a few more and a bit more indulgence.

There are some physiological benefits too, and whilst I wont bore you with the science, a good cheat meal can do wonders to break a plateau in your body composition and mentally give you some respite… But it does come with a catch. Here’s my general list of guidelines to clients surrounding cheat meals. 

  1. When we’re dieting hard, cheat meals are by prior arrangement. If you’re coaching yourself; here’s a tip. Do I really NEED a cheat meal, or do I just WANT one? Think about it.
  2. “I fancy a cheat meal this weekend”. Okay great. Have something you actually fancy; treat yourself. Do NOT see it as a challenge to get asked to leave an all you can eat buffet just because you’re “allowed”. That’s binge eating and will easily put you back a week.
  3. For some, little and often works best. I’m talking a couple of small things, extra few spoons of peanut butter etc once or twice a week. It helps keep you sane and reminds you can technically have whatever you want, whenever you want it and don’t NEED to binge. Trying to go cold turkey for these people is a disaster waiting to happen.
  4. For others, the little and often mentality leads to constantly spilling over. They’re the kind of person who cant touch something without blacking out and inhaling a jar of Nutella. A tip for these people; If you cant have 3 bites and walk away, don’t even start!!
  5. PLAN for your cheat meal.
    1. Strategy – “I know I’m having a cheat meal for my relatives birthday next weekend. That means this week I really don’t need anything”
    2. Focus – Focus on how GOOD that cheat meal will be when it arrives, and remember it WILL arrive; along with an extra couple of weeks of great results
    3. Commit – Get your head down and work until the day arrives. Then when that day arrives, relax and enjoy a meal in moderation. The danger is in the dosage after all!

When you decide to cheat, ensure you enjoy it! 


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Strategise. Focus. Commit.

Strategise. Focus. Commit.

Do you need to get your life together? Bare with me here.

Now when I say “get your life together” – I’m not just referring to the every day necessities. I’m sure you’re capable of eating, breathing, getting dressed and getting to work every day. I’m talking more than that. How do you get from getting things done and existing – to “living your dream” and achieving things you really want to do deep down. Things you’re afraid to tell other people about. Sometimes things you’re afraid to even mutter to yourself.

Do you think that 2 years ago I was confident in telling people I would be doing a photoshoot and prospectively putting myself on stage to compete against others? The thought alone terrified me. But I wanted it. So…I got my life together. Bit by bit. Day by day.

Getting your life together is like having your phone,keys and wallet. With any of these things, you can achieve much much bigger things. You can call anyone in the world. You can pay for the wildest and most wonderful things. If you were to lose one of these things, you’d really address that you need to get your life together.

Compare achieving your dream body with these three every day items.

So you’re unhappy with your body? Who’s going to change that. You. You have to get your life together; and here’s three simple steps. Strategy. Focus. Commit. 

Strategise. Focus. Commit.



You probably already know what you want to achieve. You may fantasise and day dream about it in silence, or you may have said it over and over again “Oh I wish I were leaner/bigger/thinner/healthier”. Knowing what you want is a HUGE part of the battle, but now you have break it down in to smaller chunks and let yourself in on it. This strategy is your house keys. If you want to lose 4 dress sizes, we know its not going to happen in a week. But what if we strategised that were going to lose 2% body fat every 2 weeks instead? How much easier does that seem? Thats 0.14% a day. Thats just doing ONE Little thing better, every day.


Although you can do an obscene amount things with your phone, you can only actually DO one thing properly on it at a time. The same goes for life and you. You can do many many things at once, poorly. Or you can focus and OWN something. You can only achieve one thing at a time. Focus on what you want and schedule it in. Do not be sidetracked by Facebook Messenger and Candy Crush, in reality OR metaphorically. You logged on your laptop to buy health supplements, NOT end up on Facebook. You need to divert finances for a coach to help you in the areas that you need work on, so don’t fall victim to your friends going for a curry and 6 pints at the weekend.


Typically, this is the point where most people fall down. Say “I will”. Start taking steps. Put one foot in front of the other. This might mean using your wallet, literally or metaphorically. Either you’re going to have to give some time to your goal, or you may have to commit financially. If you’re intelligent enough to understand you need someone who understands more on the subject; you hire a coach. Then you may need to get supplements for instance. The important thing here is stay FOCUSED. Do not get distracted by metaphorical Facebook Messenger (your friends asking you to go for a curry and drinks at the weekend, for example). Commitment is doing something whole heartedly.

Follow these 3 simple steps to break things down, focus on what you want then COMMIT.

Sick of not achieving what you wanted? Then it’s time to grab your keys, phone and wallet. And when you’re ready; I’ll be here ready to help.

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