Jenna has a huge interest in helping others achieve their goals and feeling more body confident. Having gone through a transformation process herself 3 years ago, losing over 20kg over and finding the passion and the results in weight training, her attention has turned to transforming others to become their best versions of themselves.  Jenna focusses a lot on the mindset and building your confidence within yourself, that coupled with a healthy nutrition plan and correct training programme, you can be well on your way to a great lifestyle change and getting some serious results.

For over 13years Jenna worked in the Hair Industry as a Master Colour Expert, travelling the country working on education. She can work with a variety of ages, from young to old ( don’t say that bit ha) and is a very good people person.

She Specialises in Fatloss and Body Composition.

In Jenna’s personal time she is a very successful bodybuilder, accumulating several show wins, being an overall female champion, and placing top 4 at the british finals. She has a passion for reaching goals and being the best you be. Jenna is a Sponsored athlete by Scitec Nutrition. She knows and can relate to how driven and focussed you need to be to achieve your goals.