Favour Weight Lifting over Cardio for Faster Fat Loss

Favour Weight Lifting over Cardio for Faster Fat Loss

So you want to lose body fat?

Research shows that aerobic training from cardio alone is not only ineffective for fat loss, but it can actually work against you. It’s been shown to actually increase your body fat by around .5% over 12 weeks, in comparison to those who did sprints – who lost 1.5kg of body fat. Yet all too often I see new comers to the gym sign up, grab a sweat towel and water bottle and head for the nearest cross trainer, gym bike, stair master or treadmill.

In fact, the only way to not gain body fat is to increase your intensity to HIIT like levels or massively increase your weekly mileage.

But why is this? Surely if you’re elevating your heart rate you’re burning fuel and thus increasing your energy expenditure? Surely the calorie balance must swing in our favour at some point?

Whilst this is absolutely true; there’s two main floors in this plan.

  1. More often with Cardio – trainees, the tendency is to reward the session with extra food afterward, completely removing the calorie deficit you may have just created.
  2. Cardio training is catabolic. TFavour Weight Lifting over Cardio for Faster Fat Losshere’s no escaping that fact. Over a period of time, extended periods of cardio lead to a loss of lean mass and ultimately – your metabolic rate decreases; meaning you can tolerate LESS food whilst gaining MORE fat.

So what’s the solution? We can’t be doomed to getting fat?

Lift. Lift heavy. Lift often.

Regardless of your protocol, opinions or favours to this point; if you want to lose fat then you should be strength training AT LEAST 3 days a week for approximately one hour each time.

Favour Weight Lifting over Cardio for Faster Fat Loss

This doesn’t mean you have to train like Mr. Universe; and done correctly you can ABSOLUTELY programme these sessions to catapult your results for both body composition, strength AND performance if running or cardio really is your thing!

Use bang for buck exercises.

Providing you move well and are stable enough, use compound exercises like the Squat, Deadlift, Lunge or compound Pressing/Pulling movements for heavier rep schemes. 20-30 reps of Dumbbell tricep kickbacks isn’t really what we’re getting at here.



Interested? Give this fat burning, metabolic booster a go!!

A1) Hamstring Curl. 3 Sets. 6-8 Reps. 10-12 Reps on Set 3

A2) Lat Pulldown/Pull Ups. 3 Sets to Failure in a Minimum of 6 Reps. Use weight/Assistance as necessary.


B1) Deadlift. 3 Sets. 8-10 Reps.


C1) Tricep Dips. 2 Sets. 10-12 Reps aiming to Fail. Use weight/Assistance as necessary.

C2) Underhand Leaning Back Lat Pulldown . 2 Sets. 8-10 Reps, 11-15 Reps on Set 2.


D1) Walking Lunges. 2 Sets. Fail in 8-12 Reps Each Leg.

Rest for 90 Seconds to 2 Minutes in between sets. Use the above 3 times per week, log your lifts and track your progress! Watch your strength and fat loss explode!! 


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