Lose Fat Faster By Training for Fun and Getting Strong

Lose Fat Faster By Training for Fun and Getting Strong

Very frequently, I consult with new clients who are trying everything with their training but still not losing body fat to a satisfactory level.

If your primary motivation for training is to lose fat, research and experience suggests that training for alternative objectives; like the fun of training, to get strong or to build muscle, tend to be much more successful.

Set performance related goals rather than fat loss goals for your training.

My personal preference of concurrent objectives for clients to work toward is to get stronger. By getting stronger, not only then will they go on to smash their body composition and fat loss goals; they also

  • Improve the quality of lean mass they have; often building more
  • Increase their sensitivity to insulin and create a healthier metabolism
  • Have much greater motivation to do other things that aid in helping them feel energised, strong and lean – including being studious with their food.

Training for fat loss alone can be boring, uninspiring and demotivating when things aren’t going your way.

All to often, I meet people who are in the habit of ‘rewarding’ themselves with extra food after training just to reward their attendance at the gym.

Be aware of your eating behaviour and how external stress influences it. It’s incredible common for fat loss clients to begin rationalising their behaviour to over eat around hard training sessions.

By tracking your sleep, food and water intake and the weights lifted in your workouts; it’s a great way to get a thorough picture of how effective your current fat loss efforts may be – or if they’re actually working against you.

Use A Log Book

Lose Fat Faster By Training for Fun and Getting Strong

I encourage every one of my clients to ‘log’ their sessions. This creates a fantastic tool for a number of reasons. Seeing how far you’ve come, predicting your next lifts and giving you a focus point other than just “am I losing enough fat” are all fantastic reasons to use one.

Fat loss is not linear, so knowing that you’re still always progressing in some way is incredibly motivating and inspiring. Getting stronger is also hugely rewarding and a sure fire way to sky-rocket the effort and intensity of your training sessions.

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