The Top 3 Bad Habits in Women wanting to get Lean!

The Top 3 Bad Habits in Women wanting to get Lean!

Most Female clients I’ve ever dealt with want very similar things. Reduction of body fat in their stubborn areas; the hips, thigh, glutes and back of the arms; but currently have no idea how to achieve that. Building the body you want and have described is very different to just losing a load of weight, and so the approach itself can be very different too.

Many Women may have spent months or years dodging weights areas or gyms altogether and gone to their safe haven of Cardio machines or training at home; but if you really want to look great, feel great and be more confident than ever in that bikini, little black dress or just in your own skin – then we need to change things up. You’re going to look better, feel better and radiate confidence.

  1. Ditch Your Classes

This is going to be a bitter pill for a lot of Women to swallow, but you will never build a physique like the bodies advertised on the latest Pump/Grit/Body (__insert workout name__) here by doing classes. People do classes as a social event. If I asked you to perform the content of the class on your own in the gym, you’d more than likely hate it. Classes are just circuit classes, focusing largely on aerobic training. People go to classes because it gives them social acceptance and it’s comfortable – but how many of these individuals make a change to their body week in, week out?

2) Stop obsessing with Body Weight

When you’re in the pursuit of building a physique, you are going to build some muscle. Don’t panic, this is natural and is essential to building the ‘shape’ you want. You will also be dropping body fat, sometimes simultaneously. What we’re doing is changing the ratio of fat to muscle, meaning that body weight doesn’t always move. Sometimes it wont budge for a week or two, thats okay. We have more accurate methods of ensuring you’re progressing.

Its tempting to go for the easy reach ‘slimming clubs’ just to get weight loss, but bear in mind that within that weight loss will be muscle loss. This brings me neatly on to my next point.

3) Stop going to Slimming Clubs

“It gives me structure” and “It’s easy to stick to” are the most frequent rationale I hear for these clubs. Again, these are largely social interactions where people get comfortable and these rationales are your emotions generating excuses for not leaving that comfort zone.

Whilst theres a time and a place for indiscriminate weight loss, if you want to actually build the body you talk about; you’re going to have to start training and eating more appropriately – ensuring to spend time around like minded people in the process.


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