What Should I be Eating Before Training?

What Should I be Eating Before Training?

Feeling Sleepy Pre Workout? Could it be your Pre Workout Fuel?

For a long time, for good reason, Carbohydrates have been recommended around the workout window.

Whilst it’s true that this is a fantastic window of opportunity to get a higher volume of Calories and Carbohydrates in, depending on your current condition, what is also true is that not all Pre-Workout Meals are created equal.

For many; Oats with Whey Protein have been the go-to meal.

But do you find they’re leaving you feel sleepy, lethargic and sluggish pre workout?

Oats, although a fantastic source of energy from a Caloric stand point, also encourage your body to produce Melatonin; the sleep hormone. In fact they include 79ng per 100g. Whilst this is great from a Holistic perspective in a world where a lot of people struggle to sleep – it’s not particularly beneficial right before we’re about to try and ramp up our intensity, mental focus and work rate.

What Should I be Eating Before Training?

They’re also an incredibly fibrous food stuff – meaning that your Gut is going to draw a large volume of energy and blood to the stomach to facilitate their digestion. This is the exact opposite of what we want during a training session; where we want easily digestible foods present that allow us to keep stable blood sugar whilst providing our working muscles with nutrient rich blood. This isn’t going to happen with blood pooling around our stomach, or if it does; its going to leave partially digested and ferreting food in our gut. Either way is a lose-lose.

So instead, try foods that are slightly less fibrous, more easily digestible and with lower melatonin content.

My personal go-to right now is Banana on Rice Cakes accompanied by a Whey Protein Shake around 60-90 minutes pre training.


What Should I be Eating Before Training?

Give this a try and see if it improves your workout energy! Want to discuss your training and nutrition more? Get in touch

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